About The Straitsman



Started in 2019 by Tian Wen, The Straitsman is an initiative to support startups and small-medium enterprises in non-English speaking countries in Southeast Asia with affordable business and creative copy writing services. By bringing startups together with creative copy by The Straitsman, this initiative also hopes to provide a free platform for them to share their big ideas without being constrained by the language barrier.

Having spent 3 months working for one of Vietnam’s leading tech startups, Tian Wen saw firsthand how the inequality of languages widened and diminished the prospects of passionate individuals chasing their dreams. The Straitsman is a testament to his love for entrepreneurship, his passion for writing, and his hope to connect communities for positive social impact.

The Straitsman logo shows a lone peak in the distant horizon behind a sea of lines; the 11 lines symbolise the 11 countries that make up Southeast Asia, while the lone peak is a tribute to those who have embarked on the path of being an entrepreneur. Together with the yellow background, the images conjure an impression of a light bulb – ideas that will illuminate the world, must themselves be illuminated to the world first.

About Me


An experienced writer with a deep interest in entrepreneurship in emerging markets, Tian Wen is in search of change-makers and great ideas set to change the economic, social, political and technological face of Southeast Asia.

Tian Wen is currently with Asia-Africa Investment and Consulting (Singapore) as a Strategy and Management Consulting Intern, and Singapore-based nonprofit Choson Exchange as an analyst and content lead. His writings on his personal blog and his work at The Straitsman are not affiliated with either organisation in any way. 

If you are a startup founder based in Southeast Asia, Tian Wen looks forward to connecting with you on Linkedin and Facebook.



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